Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd manufactures and markets clinker & cement. Distribution is optimized across the markets to provide for a complete solution to a customer's needs at the lowest possible cost; this is a part of our  "strategic integration of activities" project.

Basic raw material for cement manufacturing is limestone with a few additives. These are crushed and ground to provide the "raw meal", a pale, flour-like powder. Heated to around 1450 C (2642 F) in rotating kilns, the "meal" undergoes complex chemical changes and is transformed into clinker. Fine-grinding the clinker together with a small quantity of gypsum produces cement. Adding other constituents at this stage produces cements for specialized uses.
The range of Sidhee Cement  includes Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC 43 grade 53 grade).
An ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2004 and ISO : 18000:2007 certified company

SCL produces Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 53 Grade and Portland Pozzolana Cement & Clinker.

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Download Brochure
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