SIDHEE 53 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC): High Strength Cement
High grade cement with a consistent 28 daysí compressive strength of the order of 63-68 MPa when tested in BIS approved laboratories. Particularly useful for structural applications involving concrete of high strength.
SIDHEE OPC 53 grade Chemistry Advantages :
Controlled Heat of Hydration (HOH):
C3A, C3S and C2S scientifically balanced to control HOH.  Regulated chemical reactions ensure lower heat of hydration. SIDHEE has low heat of hydration resulting in low water requirement.

Low Magnesia Cement:
Magnesia causes expansion beyond 28 days of setting. Effect is visible in the form of cracks only after 8-12 months of work. SIDHEE has low Magnesia (<0.90%) making it crack resistant cement.

Low Alkali & Chlorides:
Alkali and silica (from aggregates) under goes chemical reaction causing expansion, Which over a period deteriorates concrete. SIDHEE has low alkali & chlorides content (<0.5%) ensuring long term protection to structure.

(Property unique to Sidhee cement and is extra beneficial especially in the Sulphate prone soils, highly corrosive waste disposal civil works and humid coastal belt constructions. It is very useful for sub-soil construction foundation). Protects construction for lifetime.
Ideal Applications
     For slabs, beams and columns.
     Residential, commercial, industrial complexes, multi-storeyed buildings, silos, chimneys.
     Prestressed concrete units like electrical transmission poles, bridge-girders, etc.
     Concrete roads, runways, bridges, flyovers, culverts, etc.
     Overhead & underground water tanks, water retaining structures.
     Other applications as tiles, grills, concretesleepers, etc.