Sidhee 43 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement: Strength for Years…
            Low heat of Hydration imparts crack resistance property.
            Consistent 28 days' compressive strength of the order of 55 to 60 MPa.
            Greater fineness that ensures better workability for given water content, ensuring cohesive concrete.
            Facilitates dense, homogeneous, impervious & watertight concrete.
            Increases life of structure not only by high strength, but also by providing adequate durability.
Ideal Applications
            Suitable for most structural concrete constructions.
            Residential and commercial complexes.
            Flooring & wall tiles, dado, etc.
            Asbestos cement products and Ferro-cement works.
            Works like dams, bridges, flyovers, canals, etc.
            Masonry work like brickworks, blockwork, etc.
            Concrete Roads.