Hathi Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) - For Strength and Durability

HATHI-Chemistry Advantages:

  • Low Heat of Hydration (HOH): C3S and C2S scientifically balanced to control HOH. It allows structure to gain strength with time ensuring sound durability. HATHI has low heat of hydration resulting in less consumption of water both during construction and curing.
  • Low Magnesia Cement: Magnesia causes expansion beyond 28 days of setting. Effect is visible in the form of cracks only after 8-12 months of work. HATHI has low Magnesia (<0.85%) making it crack resistant cement.
  • Low Alkali & Chlorides: Alkali cause expansion & permit moisture ingress, causing corrosion of reinforcement. HATHI has low alkali content (<0.5%) ensuring long-term protection to structure.
  • Moderate Sulphate Resistance: Low C3A resists sulphate attack. By nature HATHI is Moderate Sulphate Resisting cement… extra beneficial especially in the sulphurous soils, highly corrosive water disposal civil works and humid coastal belt constructions. It is very useful for sub-soil construction (foundation).
  • Superior Reserves: Our captive mines host high quality limestone-with minimal impurities ensures fault free durable construction.

  • For all structural use like slabs, beams and columns.
  • Residential, commercial, industrial complexes, multistoried buildings, silos, chimneys, bridge girders, etc.
  • Overhead & underground water tanks, water retaining structures.
  • Concrete roads, runways, bridges, flyovers, culverts, etc.
  • Other applications as tiles, grills, concrete sleepers, etc.