Hathi OPC 43 Grade - Long-lasting strength for years...
  • Cement with a consistent 28 days compressive strength in the order of 53 to 59 MPa.
  • Greater cement fineness leads to better workability for given water content, resulting in Cohesive concrete.
  • Ensures dense, homogeneous, impervious & watertight concrete.
  • Increases structure life not only with superior strength, but also by ensuring high durability.
Ideal Applications
  • For most structural concrete constructions.
  • Residential and commercial complexes.
  • Flooring & wall tiles, dado, etc.
  • Asbestos cement products and Ferro-cement works.
  • Works like dams, bridges, flyovers, canals, etc.
  • Masonry work like brickworks, blockwork, etc.
  • Concrete Roads.

43 Grade OPC Compressive strength performance